About Us

Calderone Insurance Agency, founded in 1984, is a Western New York family owned and operated insurance agency serving an array of insurance services to meet customer’s individual needs. The company offers personal lines insurance services to individuals and their families. Our company offers a full range of products in the lines of homeowners, automobile and life to individuals and small and medium sized businesses in various industries.


At Calderone Insurance empowerment is fundamental through our unity, ambition, and dedication. We are the pioneers of a new culture committed to the realization of unprecedented results. Individually and as a team, we share a deep respect for family, integrity, loyalty, and the entrepreneurial spirit. These values serve as the foundation for our success, both in business and in our personal lives. Unique in what we do, we are courageous, motivated, and determined to create an environment of endless possibilities. Eager to learn new ideas and technologies that develop efficient and effective people and practices in the insurance industry, we hold ourselves to the highest standard of excellence. We are the ambassadors of the Calderone family culture and role-models within our communities. Passionately and wholeheartedly, we establish trusting and caring relationships through which our customers and company partners feel valued, appreciated and confident in our expertise. We nurture these relationships consistently and build upon every interaction, aware of how clearly they reflect our knowledge, experience, and integrity. Leadership is imperative to our successful performance as it provides an environment that propels people to triumph over challenges and create new opportunities. We take great pride in our ability to enhance our strength by working in diverse teams that effortlessly unite as one. With the support of our insurance carriers and vendors, we are invigorated by our vision of a thriving business. At Calderone Insurance, we promise to ignite passion, provide expertise, and practice uncompromised integrity at every opportunity to ensure an exceptional and fulfilling experience for all people.


Calderone Insurance, founded in 1984, celebrates 32 years of business success helping families and individuals with their insurance needs. Calderone Insurance was founded by Otto and the late Elaine Calderone in the early 1980s. Otto has been a licensed property, casualty and life insurance holder for more than 40 years. The agency grew quickly, and before he realized it, Otto had developed a reputation for his expertise in the industry and for being authentically interested in the welfare of his clients. Otto’s commitment to providing the absolute best service has been the benchmark of the Calderone Insurance strategy and key to the company’s steady growth.

In 2015, Otto retired from the insurance industry with his daughter Heather Calderone taking over the family business name in 2016. Heather provides leadership to the growth and excellence of the agency with over 11 years of experience in the insurance industry. Her contribution continues to live on through the next generation. She is thrilled to celebrate such a momentous milestone for Calderone Insurance Agency and carry on the family business in a way that honors her family and our community.

We have always believed in treating our customers the same way we would like to be treated. We empower everyone that comes in contact with us so they are more knowledgeable about their insurance needs. Whether you are a customer, a partner, an employee or just part of our community, at Calderone Insurance Agency, we are always standing by our motto, “We Care About You” says Heather Calderone.